About Nordic PM

We at Nordic PM are property consultants with extensive experience and competence in the property industry. Our range of services is mainly divided into four business areas:

  • Property Management
  • Leasing
  • Property Development
  • Property Transactions and Analysis

Our organisation is permeated with entrepreneurship and our employees take initiatives, are ambitious and driven by commitment, focus and presence.

We work a little straighter, much easier and especially on site, since we are convinced that we achieve the best results by working actively in the properties. It is there and then that values are created for our clients, while we become an active and creative partner for the tenants.

Our mottos “Always on Site” and “We manage and develop properties as if they were our own”, reflects the approach and methodology that characterise how our employees take on the daily work with the properties.

Nordic PM in brief

Data as per 2019-04-09


• Properties managed: 368
• Total area: 1,750,000 sqm in
159 municipalities


• Number of employees: 57